Auto insurance you can afford

Starting at just $1 a day, we offer some of the most competitve rates in the industry.  Liability insurance is now mandated by law in California, we help find the best prices for the coverage you need on your vehicle.  Why choose us?   With more than 20 companies to choose from, we do all the work of shopping around for you.  

Ever wondered what it costs NOT to have insurance?
We understand that shopping for insurance is time consuming and sometimes falls last in our priorities.  But did you know that the average ticket for driving without auto insurance in California will cost you $750 dollars?  Auto insurance is not just an expense, it can save you thousands of dollars; reports show that California has one of the highest rates for car accidents nationally, causing an average of 3 million injuries per year.  In a stressful times like this, wouldn't you want to know that you have insurance to rely on?   

Get started today with a free quote.  Make sure to ask if you qualify for any of the following discounts: 
-Good Driver
-Mature Driver
-Multi Car
-Continuous Coverage