According to research provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety around 20 percent of all traffic accidents are caused in some way by poor maintenance of the vehicle. Road crashes cost the US around $230 billion per year. A car’s brakes, tires, electrical and lighting systems should never be ignored for too long and are imperative for safe driving.

  1. Replace worn tires- Tires are your first defense against accidents.  Nonetheless, one of the most common failures resulting from poor vehicle maintenance are blow out tires. Essential tire maintenance includes making sure they have proper air pressure and are not over or under-inflated tires which can cause trouble for motorists and end up resulting in an accident.

  2. Maintain Brakes- Brakes are crucial to overall vehicle safety, especially when driving on wet roads. Noises such as squealing, grinding or scraping should be checked as soon as possible. The cost of repair will likely be far less than the results of a rear-end collision or pedestrian accident.

  3. Keep your lights in good working order- Burn-out bulbs, misaligned headlights, and malfunctioning brake lights are a recipe for trouble, especially when severe weather makes visibility low.

  4. Check the electrical system- A faulty electrical system could cause your car to stall or operate incorrectly when driving.

Accidents have negative financial impact causing both damage to your car and your driving record, resulting in money spent in repairs and higher insurance premiums. Take the proper steps to drive safe on the roads.

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Remember drive safe!